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KsCER's focus is to optimize the chance of success on each cycle of pregnancy.  The industry average for artificial insemination with fresh and cooled semen is between 1.3 to 1.8 cycles per pregnancy (this is based on a typical stallion with good fertility and average mare book size, note that each horse is unique).  KsCER, as a specialized center, improves on this average by conducting thorough evaluations of the mare including transrectal palpation and ultrasonography multiple times throughout the breeding process to determine if the mare is progressing normally and determine the optimal time to order semen.  Once semen is ordered and received it is evaluated to determine motility, concentration and plasma membrane integrity.  We then tailor our insemination procedures specific for the mare and semen combination.  These procedures are offered as a standard package offered for mares managed on and off-site.  The package approach allows us to evaluate the mares much more intensely without additional financial concerns for the mare owner.  

What we offer

We provide breeding management as part of a package for transparent pricing and owner convenience.  The standard KsCER package is priced on a per cycle basis and encompasses the typical procedures normally required for successful breeding management of the average, fertile mare with good quality semen and includes:

  • Transrectal ultrasonography and palpation for the cycle of breeding

  • Administration of a single ovulation induction agent (e.g. Deslorelin)

  • Oxytocin/PGF₂ₐ injections from 7 am – 10 pm

  • If the mare is live covered, the package will include the first 30 minutes of a single live cover session

  • Uterine body or deep-horn insemination with fresh or cool-stored semen

  • Semen evaluation: sperm motility, sperm concentration, and plasma membrane integrity

  • Pregnancy evaluation up to day 70 of pregnancy.  Fetal gender determination can be attempted on or after day 60 of pregnancy (preferable 60 - 67 days)

KsCER offers the following additional services that may be recommended or required and are not part of the basic breeding management package:

  • Board

  • Farm calls, price varies with distance from KsCER

  • Sedation

  • Shipment fees for return of semen shipping container

  • Courier fees for semen pickup

  • Oxytocin / PGF2α injections from 10 pm – 7 am

    • This is only done in mares that still have intrauterine fluid despite receiving oxytocin every 4 – 6 hrs from 7 am – 10 pm

  • Uterine lavage

  • Intra-uterine treatments

  • Antibiotics (systemic and intra-uterine)

  • Medications other than those listed above (e.g., anti-inflammatories)

  • Endometrial culture, cytology, or biopsy

    • We offer in-house cultures which allows us to rapidly identify and treat infections when found

  • Caslick’s surgery &/or breeding stitch

  • Twin reduction

  • Semen centrifugation

    • Performed with:

      • Semen of low quality

      • Semen with sperm concentration less than 35 million/mL

      • Semen from stallions suspected to have issues with conventional uterine body AI

      • No successful obtainment of pregnancy on previous cycle(s)

      • Mares susceptible to delayed uterine clearance / post-breeding endometritis

      • Mares currently being treated for intra-uterine infection

More information

  • Although we strive for first cycle pregnancy, KsCER recommends to budget for 2 - 3 breeding cycles per foal

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