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KsCER is excited to offer Equilume masks for sale!

Introducing the Equilume Light Mask, worn by the horse and designed to provide timed low-level blue light to a single eye.  This light therapy provides similar benefits of long summer days by increasing the hours of light a horse is exposed to each day regardless of the time of year or if the horse is located indoors or outdoors.  Backed by scientific studies and utilized at KsCER, the Equilume Light Mask has shown the following benefits associated with breeding and performance horses:

  • Advances mare breeding season

  • Enables outdoor living early in breeding season, reducing cost and stall cleaning

  • Prevents prolonged gestational lengths and increases post foaling fertility

  • Optimizes foal growth

  • Extends fertility season for stallions

  • Maintains coat condition for actively competing horses



The natural breeding season occurs during the spring and summer months where there are extended periods of daylight.  Artificial lighting has been used throughout the horse industry to advance the mare breeding season by increasing the horses duration of light exposure each day.  This additional exposure to light inhibits the hormone melatonin and triggers the equine reproductive system to activate earlier in the year.


Equilume Light Masks utilize short wavelength blue light, ​a major component of natural light, to mimic the effects of daylight on a horse.  Masks are secured with velcro straps on open mares around November 15th for a period of 90 days or on pregnant mares approximately 60 - 75 days prior to their due date.   The horse wears the mask throughout the day and the light automatically activates based on a specific schedule and the amount of ambient light (depending on the model of the mask).  The light then remains on until 11 PM each day and automatically turns off.  This cycle repeats each day and eliminates the need for any additional artificial lighting, horses can be turned out in the pasture during the winter months and still receive the benefits of the timed blue light.​

Research conducted with the Equilume light mask has shown the following results:

  • 92% of mares were reproductively active in Feb

  • 8.4 lb increase in avg birth weight

  • 11 day reduction in avg gestation period

How They Work



18 months (per cup)

15 hrs

8 AM - 11 PM





4 months (per cup)

7 hrs

4 PM - 11 PM





5 months

7 hrs

4 PM - 11 PM






Daily Active Hrs


Light Sensor




There are several models of Equilume Light Masks available for sale at KsCER, see below for descriptions and a comparison of each model.  The Belfield model is targeted for a single breeding season.  The Curragh model is targeted for use across multiple breeding seasons as the cup can be replaced each breeding season.  The rechargeable Cashel model is targeted for the performance horse who is traveling or stalled without adequate lighting.

Note that bulk pricing is available, please contact KsCER for details

Mask Options
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