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KsCER offers a variety of diagnostics based on presentation of the mare and / or findings of a vaginal exam.

As a certified theriogenology specialist, all cultures are read by our doctor.  Our cultures are all run in-house which allows us to receive results on average within 24 hours (including weekends) and antibiotic sensitivity typically within 48 hours and rapidly respond to any infections.

What we offer

Uterine diagnostics are performed on an as needed / requested basis rather than as a package.  Please see below for details on the procedures offered at KsCER:


  • All cultures are performed in-house, because of this we are typically able to get results within 24 hours of when the culture was performed. Depending on the results, we will treat your mare (if infected) interuterine (in the uterus) or systemically (i.e. muscle shot(s), intervenous shot(s), or orally).



  • Cytology’s are performed in-house as well. A cytology is normally performed to examine the cells in the uterus and/or fluid that is present during the examination.  With a cytology results can normally be found in 24 hours.


Uterine Biopsy

  • A Uterine Biopsy is performed to examine the quality of the uterus. A mare has no nerve endings in that part of her uterus, so don’t worry about her feeling any pain, the biggest objection that she will have is the Doctor having to go back in rectally to get the right bite. Uterine Biopsy’s have to be sent off, so it will take about a week to 10 days to have the sample cut and shipped back to KsCER. Kansas Center for Equine Reproduction reads all of the uterine biopsy results.

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