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KsCER recommends a BSE on all mares that may be bred.  This exam is tailored based on mare age, number of previous pregnancies, pregnancy outcomes, most recent foaling history, breeding method (live cover vs AI), type of semen (fresh, cooled or frozen), and whether the mare will carry their own foal or become an embryo donor.

What we offer

All KsCER Breeding Soundness Exams (BSE) include a basic overall physical examination, examination of external genitalia and transrectal palpation and ultrasound of the internal reproductive tract.  Examination of the external and internal reproductive tract is performed to determine the mare's current stage in her estrus cycle, to identify gross pathology and to identify other diagnostic tests to perform.  If the initial examination is positive, a vaginal examination will be performed.  


Based on the results of the initial examinations, the following additional services may be recommended by KsCER to complete the BSE:

  • Cultures

    • All culture are performed in-house, because all cultures are performed in-house we are able to get results within 24 hours of when the culture was performed. Depending on what the results are, we will be able to treat your mare (if infected) interuterine (in the uterus) or systemically (i.e. muscle shot(s), intervenous shot(s), or orally).

  • Cytology

    • Cytology’s are performed in-house as well. A cytology is normally performed to examine the cells in the uterus and/or fluid that is present during the examination.  With a cytology results can normally be found in 24 hours.

  • Uterine Biopsy

    • A Uterine Biopsy is performed to examine the quality of the uterus. A mare has no nerve endings in that part of her uterus, so don’t worry about her feeling any pain, the biggest objection that she will have is the Doctor having to go back in rectally to get the right bite. Uterine Biopsy’s have to be sent off, so it will take about a week to 10 days to have the sample cut and shipped back to KsCER. Kansas Center for Equine Reproduction reads all of the uterine biopsy results.

More information

The optimal time for a BSE is prior to signing a stallion contract.  We typically recommend performing a BSE when a mare is in heat as this is the best time for a culture.  There are certain circumstances when we may recommend a mare not be in heat​.  Please contact KsCER to determine the optimal time for your mare's BSE.

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